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Below is an excellent video produced by Pinellas County, Florida which includes interior photos of the Biltmore, a synopsis of the efforts to save the Biltmore since 2004, clips of Florida Governor Charlie Crist who visited the hotel October 2007, Legg Mason's Managing Director Joseph Penner, Biltmore Managing Director and Vice President Martin Smith, Biltmore executive assistant and tour guide Sharon Delahanty and interviews with Pinellas County Commissioner Karen Seel, Belleair town Commissioner Stephanie Oddo, our group's Save the Biltmore Preservationist Vice President Ed Jameson, Marcia Crawley Director of Department of Communications, Pinellas County, Mike Moore Producer Progressive Pinellas and beautiful renderings of the future renovation plans.  The interview was held at the Belleview Biltmore January 24, 2008 in regards to historic preservation in Pinellas County.  Pinellas County is working towards establishing a historic preservation ordinance to help save other historic buildings in the county.   There are approximately 10,000 historic structures in Pinellas County.

This video will take about 125 seconds to download.  It will start automatically once it is downloaded.    To stop it at any time, hit the "escape" key located in the upper left hand corner of your computer.  To restart it where you have left off if you stop it, just put your cursor over the picture again, right click your mouse and hit "play".    To start it all over again, simple "refresh" this web page.  This video was produced by Pinellas County and broadcast on their local TV station.   The video is about 15 minutes in length.