This beautifully designed rendition of the Belleview Biltmore Hotel, Belleair, Florida was designed by St. Petersburg artist, Misao Adachi who was born in Miyagi Prefecture in Northern Japan and grew up and studied painting in Tokyo.  His formal training as a painter was completed during ten years of apprenticeships with two Japanese Masters of the kanban tradition. The learning process was slow and demanding, but such training nurtured the patience needed for the intricate details characteristic of Misao's work today - paintings that represent both this traditional training and his living experience in the States.   Kanban are hand-painted posters or billboards used to advertise movies, variety shows and the like, and Misao's training was conducted in a purely traditional manner.   The majority of Misao paintings are in acrylics and oils, although he also works with watercolors.   In addition to painting the historic 1897 Belleview Biltmore Hotel, he has also painted the historic Don Cesar and Vinoy Hotels in St. Petersburg, Florida.  His objective in life-like paintings of people, animals, flowers, trees, and the like is not to create reproductions of his subjects, but to capture the essence of their being.   Misao's own cultural background has taught him that every natural being has a 'spirit' and his work manifests an inherent desire to give expression to the universality of these 'spirits.'   After traveling back and forth between Japan and the States and working as a commercial artist and illustrator in both countries during the past twenty years, Misao and his family recently relocated in St. Petersburg, Florida.   His studio is located in Salt Creek Artworks on 4th Street in St Petersburg, and his website is: www.misaoadachi.com.

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