I want everyone to CONTINUE TO BOMBARD JMC Communities and Mike Cheezem with EMAILS ACROSS THE COUNTRY telling him he is NOT wanted in Belleair and take his ugly condo development elsewhere! 


We must stop this man and this company from destroying Belleair and Pinellas County history and the Biltmore!

KAWA and Mike Cheezem are giving FALSE information about the condition of the hotel and whether it can be restored or not!  KAWA and Cheezem would make millions with the Biltmore not saved, why should they tell the truth!
There is still TIME TO RESTORE THE BEAUTIFUL BELLEVIEW BILTMORE HOTEL!  TWO preservation architects have confirmed to us that the Belleview Biltmore Hotel can still be renovated and restored!
 We need community support to drive Cheezem out like you successfully did with DeBartolo in 2005!
And now we also learn that JMC developer Mike Cheezem is a member of the Belleair Country Club, which will benefit with the demolition of the beautiful Belleview Biltmore Hotel by two more acres in their parking lot!  So Mr. Cheezem must back off from the purchase of the hotel!

Write your own email to Mr. Cheezem or simply copy and paste one of the emails below and send it to him, his e address is below.


 Mike Cheezem, CEO
 JMC Communities
 2201 4th St N
 Suite 200
 Saint Petersburg, FL 33704


Sample email letter #1

To Mike Cheezem:

As a supporter of the Belleview Biltmore Hotel, it is in the best interest of the community for you to withdraw from purchasing the hotel from KAWA.  Your condos and townhomes would deface Belleair's beauty turning that area into "Belleair's Concrete Condo Canyon" plus also defacing Pinellas County's history.  You destroyed the lovely Clearwater Beach Hotel whose citizens in the surrounding neighbors and tourists loved going there.  And now you want to destroy the Biltmore in Pinellas County where thousands of people have dined, married or stayed there who want it preserved.  The hotel still can be restored no matter what you believe or say. The citizens of Belleair and Pinellas need this historical landmark.   Belleair's Comprehensive Plan includes saving the Belleview Biltmore Hotel, and yet you dare attempt destroy one of their beloved landmarks and history.  SHAMEFUL.  The people who love the hotel need you to back down from purchasing the Biltmore.   Right now your only legacy you will leave is destruction of a Pinellas landmark hotel.  Is this what you wish for your legacy, destruction? 

Listen to what the society around you has been saying for the past nine years, spare the Belleview Biltmore. If you participate in its destruction, you will participate in the willful destruction of your own heritage as well as that of the world around you.



Sample email letter #2

To Mike Cheezem:

Belleair courageously and strategically passed their historic preservation ordinance in 2005. It was designed to protect the historic and iconic Belleview Biltmore so developers like you will not destroy the Belleview Biltmore Hotel as you wish to do. Belleair needs to enforce its own preservation law to protect itself and its hotel from demolition. You are spreading false information around that the hotel can not be renovated.  Here is a quote from Rick Gonzalez, president of Florida Trust, vice chair of the Florida Historical Commission and a practicing historic preservation architect with his own firm, REG Architects in West Palm Beach, Florida.  "I know a thing or two about preservation in Florida.  The Belleview Biltmore can be restored especially under the supervision of a preservation architect for the enjoyment of all Floridians and visitors for another 100 years. I hope the mayor and commission show leadership in helping this project move forward."    As a supporter of the Belleview Biltmore Hotel, it is in the best interest of the community for you to withdraw from purchasing the hotel from KAWA.     The people who love the hotel need you to back down from purchasing the Biltmore. The 1897 Belleview Biltmore Hotel cannot be rebuilt once the history and aura are gone.  We CAN and should invest in historic preservation to improve our quality of life and as a basis for the area's economic development.   It is up to you to leave a legacy of historic preservation for Belleair and Pinellas County.