The Belleview Biltmore Hotel is under threat of demolition!  We need your urgent help to gather support to save this historic, Victorian 1896 hotel.  Show this flyer to ten people or hang this flyer up around your community in retail stores, antique stores, malls, your office, libraries, events, gas stations, restaurants etc.    The town commissioners in Belleair have the authority to accept or deny the demolition permit application on the Belleview Biltmore Hotel.  The vote to deny or accept the demolition permit application could be in April.  Show your support and help us.   

Contact our web site at www.SaveTheBiltmore.com where you can print this flyer, contact Belleair commissioners to voice your opinion, join our ONE-MINUTE EMAIL campaign, sign up for our Biltmore Update newsletter, become a member, attend Belleair commission meetings, post to our Message Board or join us on Facebook.   We must Save the Biltmore!

www.SaveTheBiltmore.com    Save the Biltmore Preservationists, a nonprofit organization